“The Life of Ryan” 9th April 2021

Hello lovely readers,

It’s been a busy week, mostly spent house hunting for Ryan. We need a place for him as soon as possible now. Originally it was hoped that he would be out of hospital and in his own place by Easter, but there have been so many meetings and red tape that he is still in hospital, and in the wrong environment. I’ve lost count of how many “best interests” meetings I’ve been to, but it’s in Ryan’s best interests ( there we go again with BI) to get him in the community as soon as possible. As his Mum, I obviously get frustrated often, but I do think with better planning he could have been out by now.

Ryan has mainly been good all weekend, with the occasional outburst. Thankfully these are now short lived, and he quickly settles. He has been laughing a lot and has demolished his Easter eggs etc. His sister Samantha bought him a chocolate remote control instead of an egg, and he was excitedly telling the staff about it. However when the staff member asked to see it, he said “l have eaten it”! Lol. He has had a couple of trips out, and on Wednesday he went for fish and chips 🍟.

I said earlier that it’s been a busy week house hunting. Today Peter and I have found “the one”! It is big, lots of space, and the back garden gate can be opened straight onto country walks, plus it is only 5 miles from where we live. His future home provider is putting an offer in as we speak, so if I tell you I have everything crossed that is an understatement. I don’t mind saying I got a bit choked when we were viewing, as l could picture Ryan in the property, it is so nice, and completely what Ryan and his staff would need. I can just imagine him living there.

If we manage to secure this property, this will make up for the one’s we lost. In January a house was sought, but this was bought by someone else. In February we thought we had found the perfect property, but paperwork prevented us from offering on this house. Finally all is in place to buy, so Ryan and l don’t need anymore setbacks. The new staff have been recruited and are eager to start the transition period, and this can go ahead next week. It will take up to 12 weeks, for this, and this must begin as soon as possible.

The weather is starting to warm up now, and the sun is out in Doncaster. Summer is fast approaching, I hope Ryan can get into his community home 🏡 soon and get some nice weather too. Lockdown is slowly coming to an end as well, so lots of positive thoughts today!

I would like to thank Amanda (places for people), Debbie,Laura,and Daniel at Sugarman health, E from CCG, G his nurse, the core team, and Dr. S, you have been a massive help over the past weeks. Thankyou to the press, as without you Ryan’s story wouldn’t be known.

l won’t say anymore as l will just be waffling, so l hope to see you on Monday, and l hope to have more news regarding my son’s potential home.

Sharon (Ryan’s Mum)




Published by Sharon Clarke

This blog is about my son Ryan who has a formal diagnoses of autism. This is his story as written by his Mum.

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