“The Life of Ryan” 5th April 2021.

Hello lovely readers,

On our way home now after our Easter Monday visit with Ryan, which went well. I gave him his Easter eggs off Peter and l, and off his sister Samantha.

Ryan was quiet, but as always he was pleased to see us. We went for a nice walk, and it was very windy, but Ryan likes to feel the wind on his face, l guess he’s getting used to the outside, instead of being locked away, breathing stale, stagnant air!

I know the Humber centre is a medium secure hospital. Twice today the staff had to say no to Ryan, once for where we wanted to go walking and also when he wanted to sit in our car for a chat because it was cold. He is always supposed to get the least restrictive option, and I don’t blame the staff, they have to follow rules I know, but these rules don’t help.
Anyway the visit went well. Due to the “rule of six” Peter my hubby was allowed to come round with us today, and bring Lua our lovely dog 🐕. Ryan enjoyed giving her some treats and a stroke, it made him laugh 😂. When we got back from the walk he laughed again, as one of his Easter treats was a chocolate gamestation controller, as an avid gamer he found this highly amusing!

After the seclusion episode last Thursday evening, I am pleased to say that Ryan has had a good weekend, and has been in a positive mood. I had a brief chat on the phone with him at the weekend (they never last long lol) and he was laughing then as well. It is nice to hear him happy 😊, so thank you to all concerned. That said, he is still in an environment where he cannot be looked after as he should, so I am eager to find his new home to move him back into the community where he belongs. We have some more properties to view this week, I hope they are better than the ones we saw on Saturday! One of them looked like it was last modernised and given a lick of paint just after the war! It was more like a museum piece, and they wanted a fortune for it! No wonder it has been for sale for over a year! Oh well, we will find the right one soon, maybe this week……….

It is nice to hear that Covid restrictions are being lifted across the country, these affect Ryan as well, especially things like inside visits (we used to have regular film afternoons with crisps and popcorn), and also it affects his leave. He had been out and sat in a cafe with us for fish and chips before lockdown, and if he is to have an effective transition into the community, then this type of leave is so important. Otherwise, it will be such a shock to his system when he does get out.

Well that’s about it for today’s update, I will blog again on Friday and give you an update on how his move is progressing. Take care everyone,

Sharon (Ryan’s Mum)




Published by Sharon Clarke

This blog is about my son Ryan who has a formal diagnoses of autism. This is his story as written by his Mum.

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