“The Life of Ryan” 2nd April 2021.

On the left is Ryan before psychiatry,and on the right after 15 years in psychiatric hospitals.

Hello lovely readers,

We are still looking for a home in the community for Ryan. It seems to be taking so long, we started house hunting in early January, but because everything was not in place, we couldn’t put an offer in, despite finding some ideal properties. Now we have all the funding in place, and we found another property last weekend. An offer was made above the asking price, but someone else went higher still, so another place is lost. We have some more to view this week, surely we are due for some better luck? It will take many weeks after we agree to purchase before Ryan can move in, so we need a place urgently.

Ryan has certainly had an up and down week, but l don’t think l am being told the whole truth regarding my son. His main nurse G is on leave for two weeks (she deserves some family time), but history has shown that whenever G is off, my son suffers. I have stated many times that Ryan needs a caring nurse to cover for G, like evenings, weekends and when she’s on leave. I have expressed my concerns, numerous times, but nothing is done. What will it take for somebody to treat Ryan properly? As always something bad has to happen, before anything is done. This time l have told many people about my son’s treatment, and if he comes to any harm, l will not rest until justice is served. As an aside, I was checking back through my diary, and Ryan has not been secluded while his nurse was present for at least 8 months! It may well be longer than that, I only searched back as far as last August. What is different when she is not there? I can’t help but imagine…..

It’s imperative that l find my son a suitable home by next week, as the treatment Ryan is receiving (when his nurse isn’t there) cannot continue. The quicker he’s out of that hellhole the better.

Yesterday started as usual, Ryan knew he was going out, had a bubble bath, and then he totally changed, and gone was the happy Ryan and in place was a threatening young man, so l was told. Instead of backing away from him, they continued in typical Humber centre fashion and secluded him. I know Ryan looks forward to going out, (and has never acted this way in the past when going out), and so l’m very reluctant to believe a lot of what l’m told. My son is supposed to go out three times a week, but he’s only been out once this week, but l knew this would happen. I said to my hubby that Ryan will be secluded whilst G’s off, and sure enough they didn’t disappoint. The Humber centre are so predictable, and a certain ward loves it when G’s off, my son’s life must be terrible. As l’ve said many times, Ryan needs a cover nurse that is going to be there all the time. It’s no good putting forward a nurse who pops down to make sure he’s okay every so often, and one who is off all Easter, what use is that? I have also been assured that Ryan doesn’t have to wait the two hours, for a nursing review, but can exit seclusion as soon as he’s settled. I’m afraid this also didn’t happen yesterday, and in place was the old rule of making my son wait. How do these institutions expect people to recover? They breed abuse, and our most vulnerable need a more humane approach. Community care is much more kinder, and although it’s not 100% perfect, it’s a lot better than the system we have at the moment.

I knew Ryan would be secluded this week, but how could l have known that? After all that happened last year, again the Humber centre is getting complacent. My words to you…..Never underestimate anyone! l do believe that a minority of MH workers actually enjoy watching a person, and their families suffer.

Well that’s all for this Friday,and l will see you again on Monday.

Sharon (Ryan Mum)




Published by Sharon Clarke

This blog is about my son Ryan who has a formal diagnoses of autism. This is his story as written by his Mum.

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    This is my friend Sharon, writing about her son, who is being held captive & mistreated for long periods in atrocious conditions over misdemeanors on the pretext of his alleged “autism”.


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